What to look for when considering a monthly printer rental


What should I consider when looking to rent a printer on a monthly basis?

1. What sort of maint. can I expect?
2. What type of support should I be provided.
3. Where are the good places to look, I don't want to look in the wrong places.
4. reliability balanced with cost are the priorities here.


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There are many different ways of handling this. With some you pay rental, plus cost per page, plus toner. With others you only pay a fixed cost per page, or anything in between. With some you are tied to a contract for a number of years, with others you're not. Some suppliers are only interested if you are talking about a fleet of printers, others will accept one-offs.

With maintenance, you should expect next-day on-site repairs, possibly within 2 or 4 hours, depending on supplier and what you are willing to pay. The supplier should also offer free phone support.

Unfortunately, there is no "best" solution. It depends on your requirements. As for recommending a supplier, that depends on where you are. If you are in my area (Australia) I may be able to make suggestions.

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Another perspective:

If I were looking for an Office High Quality Color, I'd consider Xerox.  Following might help identify a suitable Xerox Printer:


If Heavy Duty Office Printing Black and White or General Color I'd consider HP.  Following might help identify a suitable HP Printer:


Identifying your printing needs is important and then shopping around for the Best Possible Lease.  While some Nationwide opportunities exist, local companies also may be available.  As hdhondt has indicated, shop around and educate yourself as to what is available in your area.  Depending on what scale of lease you are seeking you might be able to be provided a test printer for a while (say 30 days) to determine its suitability.

Hope this Helps!!!

sugarfreelessAuthor Commented:
thanks, both of you.  Your suggestions are helpful.
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