how to configure 2 NIC


hope you can help me with these...
thanks in advance.

I have 2 NICs (1 Integrated / 1 card) connected in a PC having a Windows 2000 Advance Server.
My ISP gave me IP Addresses for PRI/SEC DNS, Default GW, Subnet Mask and IP Address.

My goal is to connect all computers in my network to the Internet.

I can connect to the Internet already using the Integrated NIC with the IP Address given to me by the ISP.
my next step is to configure my other NIC which is a card so that all computer in the network will connect to the Internet thru it.

my question is how? and what are the IP address assign to the host PC?

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You'll have to install the RRAS option of win2k server (Routing and Remote Access Services). Then you setup NAT so the other PC's connect through that. The help of windows server should give you the necessary insight on how to configure. Just when setting up RRAS search help for "NAT".

Personally if I were you I'd rather use a dedicated Firewall/router which also does NAT, but has a builtin firewall which will protect your LAN from the I-Net. This is a lot more secure than having the server directly on the wan and lan doing Natting.
Wayne BarronAuthor, Web DeveloperCommented:

Invest in a Router.
You do not need a high-dollar router, just a router.
(As memtioned by "rindi")

Linksys - Are great low-end router for under $100.00
Either go "Hard Line" (or) "Wireless"

Doing it the way that you are wanting to do it, is going to be more
Of a headache then anything.
A router is your best option.

The BEFSR41 is what we use to use before going High-End with "Cisco".
Linksys BEFSR41 Sale: $39.99  "Hard Line"<--

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