What's wrong with following code.tryuing to access MS access using JSP

i've cerated a database names TiH.mdb which has a table named TBL_TBL_FUNCTIONS
in the table there r thrree fields

now i 've just written the following code to access data from the table
but nothing gets displayed
what's wrong with the code??

<%@ page
      import = "java.io.*"
      import = "java.lang.*"
      import = "java.sql.*"
<% out.println("hello1");
      String      place;
      Connection dbconn;
      ResultSet results;
      PreparedStatement sql;
      int bus_fun_id,fun_id,name;
      String database = "jdbc:odbc:Driver={Microsoft Access Driver (*.mdb)};DBQ=

      dbconn = DriverManager.getConnection(database);
      sql = dbconn.prepareStatement("SELECT * FROM TBL_FUNCTIONS");
      results = sql.executeQuery();
                  bus_fun_id = results.getInt("BUS_FUN_ID");
                        fun_id = results.getInt("FUN_ID");
                        name = results.getInt("BUS_FUN_NAME");

Kindly help
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Make sure it is able to connect to your database and are there any records in your table ?

And change the import to
<%@ page import="java.io.*,java.lang.*,java.sql.*" %>
hiteshgupta1Author Commented:
Thanx for ur help

now i m getting following error
Error: 500
Location: /examples/TiH/Temp.jsp
Internal Servlet Error:

javax.servlet.ServletException: [Microsoft][ODBC Microsoft Access Driver] Could not find file '(unknown)'.
      at org.apache.jasper.runtime.PageContextImpl.handlePageException(Unknown Source)
      at TiH.Temp_1._jspService(Temp_1.java:89)
      at org.apache.jasper.runtime.HttpJspBase.service(Unknown Source)
      at javax.servlet.http.HttpServlet.service(HttpServlet.java)
      at org.apache.tomcat.facade.ServletHandler.doService(Unknown Source)
      at org.apache.tomcat.core.Handler.invoke(Unknown Source)
      at org.apache.tomcat.core.Handler.service(Unknown Source)
      at org.apache.tomcat.facade.ServletHandler.service(Unknown Source)
      at org.apache.tomcat.core.ContextManager.internalService(Unknown Source)
      at org.apache.tomcat.core.ContextManager.service(Unknown Source)
      at org.apache.tomcat.modules.server.Http10Interceptor.processConnection(Unknown Source)
      at org.apache.tomcat.util.net.TcpWorkerThread.runIt(Unknown Source)
      at org.apache.tomcat.util.threads.ThreadPool$ControlRunnable.run(Unknown Source)
      at java.lang.Thread.run(Thread.java:536)

its not able to find the .mdb file.
try to give relative path of your .mdb file, avoid giving absolute path.
you should change the path to E:/Tools/Tomcat/webapps/examples/TiH/TiH.mdb
and make sure TiH.mdb is in specified path
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    String database = "jdbc:odbc:Driver={Microsoft Access Driver (*.mdb)};DBQ=



    String database = "jdbc:odbc:Driver={Microsoft Access Driver (*.mdb)};DBQ=E:\\Tools\\Tomcat\\webapps\\examples\\TiH\\TiH.mdb";

And consider not using Access... ;-)


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you should close you connections and resources ath the end of  jsp :)
hiteshgupta1Author Commented:
definately sir:)
i'll take care of it!!
what was wrong with my solution ?
infact it works fine.
hiteshgupta1Author Commented:
avinthm thanx for ur help
actaul rpoblem was with the format in which i was pcefying the path
u said u should write comlete path "e:\tools\tomcat...)
but that didn't solved the problem
the corrcect solution was to write path as "E:\\tools\\tomcat....) ,means i have to use double slashes instead of single

once again thanx for ur concern and sorry too as i could not divide points between two ppl
> u said u should write comlete path "e:\tools\tomcat...)
i think u got my point wrong. i asked u to change the path....i have specified forward slash (/) instead of backward slash (\).

Anyway, your problem is solved. Thats more important than points. :)

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