Networking two remote LANs


What is the best most secure way of networking two remote LANs so that it is as if they are in the same building but are actually physically separate by a couple of miles. I was thinking some kind of secure VPN. Is this the best option or are there better ones? Also what types of issues could arrise by doing this.

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Hi levyuk,

deffinitely VPN links but it depends which route you want to take

hardware VPN's using productt from CISCO etc, or a built in VPN using RRAS in windows.

depends how much you want to spend heres a link for RRAS. If you want answers on hardware VPN's etc, try and get Robwills attention

levyukAuthor Commented:
Hoping to use as little hardware as possible to keep costs down. I'm thinking of having one router on the new remote LAN which somehow connects to the existing LAN. Then the machines on the remote LAN could somehow connect to the first LAN where they can use the PDC there so login to stuff. Does this all sounds viable?
yeah thats fine you can do all that with RRAS, just have to make sure you have routers that will support PPTP passthrough and port forwarding

you will need to have a broadband connections of course - prefereably with a static IP or Dynamic DNS

if you have the capability i would put a DC at both sites for redundancy sakes but if not then i would take a hardware route with VPN so that you have stronger redundancy for authentication


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levyukAuthor Commented:
Ah excellent, I was thinking about having a domain at the other end just incase there was a problem with the connection somewhere. Like maybe some kind of attack going on at the first site then the second site could just switch to their domain controller.

Thanks for your ideas and input.

thats a pleasure - remember with AD you can have multiple domain controllers in one a single domain - so if you have a DC at both ends they will replicate the same set of users and groups and security etc, just something to think about, much esaier than administering multiple domains
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