Move BackupExec to new hardware

The server (Windows 2000) is using BackupExec 8.6 for backup, now I want to setup a new hardware to do the same job, but it has some problem ..

At first, I have installed BackupExec 8.6 same version into new server, and added licenses with the during installation.

- Backup Exec for Windows NT/2000
- Agents of Exchange
- Agents of Oracle
- Backup Exec Open File Option

And then we can add the file/folder from local/network drive on "Selections" menu. The backup job can be successfully finished, but for another services as Exchange mailbox or Oracle...

1. Disappeared some services on "Selections" tab such as  "Mircrosoft Terminal Services", "Web Client Network", and Oracle Agents" etc. What's step I missed ? Or something should be transferred from old backup server ? Even do the deployment job again ?

2. Except this new server, any change from client servers ?

3. What is the function of Backup Exec Open File Option ? Why it has one Open File Option wizard on BackupExec console (Tools -> Open File Option Wizard) ?

Can help please ? Thanks !
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Have a look at this link " "

Best Regards !

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rhinocerosAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your info !

But I really want to know how to do it by fully installation ?

- What's I missed during installation ?
- Through the question, let me know how to official install something like as "Agents of Exchange" & "Agents of Oracle" etc?
- Why I need to install "Backup Exec Open File Option" ?

Thanks !
Usually it's during the Installation that you insert the Licenses for the various agents, such as Oracle or Exchange !

The "Backup Exec Open File Option" is used to open the files that are being used, such as Exchange mailboxes and sql databases !

Best Regards !
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rhinocerosAuthor Commented:
Thanks again !

I have taken back those services by your information, but it still has something wrong...

"Oracle Agents"
- I also established the connection by "Agent of Oracle Server Configuration Utility" on Oracle Server, "Oracle Agents" can be found on "Selections" tab.
- But it prompted the box "Attach to device ORACLE_ORACLESERVER" to request the "User Credentials"

User Name: DISABLED (Gray in color)

What have I missed ? Even I looked for some info as following, but no such box could be found
"From the Backup Exec console, select Network | Logon Accounts..... 
An error occurs when trying to back up an Oracle server: "0xe000846b - The resource could not be backed up because an error occurred while connecting to the Backup Exec for Windows Servers Remote Agent"
"Unable to attach" error occurs when trying to back up an Oracle server

"Exchange Agents"
- I had installed "Exchange Management Tools".
- I could find Microsoft Information Store" & "Microsoft Exchange Mailboxes" from Exchange server on "Selections" tab.
- And then I had installed OUTLOOK 2000 & created backup account profile (account name: backup w/ administrator right)

But the credential box was also come to request it when I clicked "Microsoft Exchange Mailboxes" for select.

Mailbox Name:
Password: DISABLED (Gray in color)

In case, I have not changed any account/password from Exchange and Oracle server, and the Old backup server is still running.  I don't know what I overlooked ?

Can give me more idea please ? Thanks a lot !

Have you double checked the Passwords, and if the Backup Users belong to the Local Adminsitrators Group, in each box, like Exchange and Oracle ?

If so, try to Delete those users from AD and recreate them, under new names, or the same, no problem, just to clear out the SID.

Best Regards !
rhinocerosAuthor Commented:
Sure, I am using this old backup account (w/ Local administrator Group) to logon new BACKUP Server. As you mean I also add this account to "Local administrator Group" in Exchange server and Oracle server ?

oh... clear our the SID for reset !
First, try to place the Backup account in the Local Admin Group . . .  If it doesn´t work, create the user from scratch and grant him the previlidges !

Best Regards !
rhinocerosAuthor Commented:
Even created a new user with full Exchange/AD administrative right as follow instructure

It doesn't work...  
Ok, ultimate solution . . .

Backup all job selections and schedulings and reintall from Scratch !

Best Regards !
rhinocerosAuthor Commented:
I even tried to close the old backup server, and restart the new one,

The result is the same: Ask me for "User Credentials"

What's the meaning  "reintall from Scratch !" ???

Try to enforce the user to be the Administrator !

" Reinstall From Scratch " means Fresh install everything !

Best Regards !

rhinocerosAuthor Commented:
The old server was setup by leave staff, and I have found some special. He did not follow these steps to grant right (

The existing environment
- Member of "Domain Administrator"
- Use backup account to logon ALL Backup Exec services in Old backup server

* Exchange Server
- Not member of "Exchange Full Administrator" in Exchange server???
- Use backup account to logon Backup Exec Remote Agent for NT/2000
- Grant full access right for mailbox security to this backup account
(System Manager -> ServerName -> First Storage Group -. Properties -> Security)

* Oracle Server
- Use "Domain Administrator" account to logon Backup Exec Agents of Oracle
- Use "Local System" account to logon Backup Exec Remote Agent for NT/2000

>Try to enforce the user to be the Administrator!
It is the member of Domain administrator in domain

>Fresh install everything !
I have reinstalled Backup EXEC once again in new server, it is same result.

rhinocerosAuthor Commented:
One more

- OLD backup server is Windows 2003 with File server together
- NEW backup server is Windows 2000 (due to license)
rhinocerosAuthor Commented:
*** The dialogue box "Please enter the unique Exchange mailbox name that belongs to the Backup Exec Services Account" is returned when trying to connect to Exchange 2000 Server mailboxes even though the correct mailbox name was entered.

I have successfully used the above method to re-connect Exchange mailbox. But it is still failed to connect "Agents of Oralce" with Oracle server. In finally, I retry your link again " "

Copied previous "Job Definitions" from old to new backup server.
Backup Exec\NT\Data\Jobs7.dat
Backup Exec\NT\Data\Scripts.uni
Backup Exec\NT\Data\Bewinui.uni
Backup Exec\NT\Data\Bewinnt7.sch
Backup Exec\NT\Data\Jobhist.dat

Although I have finished it (build up a new server from old server), I cannot take it all during new installation...

Anyway, thanks for your help indeed ! mcp_jon
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