Flash animation Question ( Web page problem )?

I have created a flash animation for one of my web pages and everything thing looks great but there is just one small problem. Is it possible if the user clicks away from the web page that and then clicks back to the same web page the animation does not start again, basically where the animation finishes I want the last frame to be displayed and not the whole animation.

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The default behavior is as you describe, when you click away from a page with an animation, then return to that page, the animation starts at the beginning. If you have to have a way around that, your best bet might be by storing a session variable or a cookie, so you know that it's the same user for a certain period of time, and using server side programming, recognize them and feed them an image of the final frame rather than the whole animation. You might also want to give them some way to see the whole animation again, if it's something they might want to replay for themselves or others.

MarkDPriceAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the advice any chance you could point me in the right direction?

you can use cookie by Flash and put a flag in it to tell that you already read the animation.

So, at the beginning of your animation, read the cookie and if it exists, pass the animation.

cookie = SharedObject.getLocal("compteur");
if (cookie.data.visites == null || cookie.data.visites == 0)
  visites = "first visit";
  visites = cookie.data.visites + " visite";
  if (cookie.data.visites > 1)

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