What is the best option for schduling of particular event

I developed one web site. I save information in one file provided by user.
I want to pick this information at end of week/day and send it to the some email.
I know how to mail. but i want to know which is the best method for schduling this type of event.
Is webservice is good solution for this or tell me any other good option ?

Thanks in advance
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If you can't schedule a job on the server.....

1) create an ASPX page that on Page_Load, retrieves the data and emails it
2) create a scheduled job on your local machine that fires a request to this page when required, or just manually browse to the page when you want the email updates.

Just hide the ASPX page away in a random subfolder that's not linked to anywhere so it can't accidently be found by visitors.
SwapnilSoftware ArchitectCommented:
Hi avinash_takale,
The two other good options are

1. Windows service
2. Task scheduler to scheduling your task on server.

avinash_takaleAuthor Commented:
But on server location how we can install our windows service.
I don't think so it will work.
And about task schedular we can't access server for this.

please tell me any other good option
Thanks in advance
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