how to make a user interactive custom installer for my .net project.

hello experts,
I have created a visual studio .net 1.1 project which have modules of windows application at admin end and a web application at the user end. I want to create an installer for my project which is user interactive and which installs the database, the web services and then the windows application and web application that too as the user selects condition.Can I achieve all this things through visual studio setup process? I want to know the complete process from the scratch.
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You will need to add custom actions as in this article:

You will need to create a custom installer class for the Database deployment.
You will need to create a web setup project for the Web services deployment and one for the web application.

See here for some considerations when creating the database installer:

See here to customize the installation user interface:
I'd probably go with InstallShield for this large an installation.  Visual Studio Setup could do this, but would not be as easy or seamless.
HanuSoftwareAuthor Commented:
hello mr robert
Please tell me the steps to do it via visual 2003.
I would be very much thankful to you
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