NTBackup script for windows 2000 needed ASAP

Hi All,

I am awarding 500 pts as I  need an answer ASAP - I need a batch file to run a NORMAL backup daily, using a different 4mm tape from Monday to Thursday and 4 different ones for friday. - i.e. 8 tapes in all. I would also need an e-mail sent after each backup with the report or at lease to show files where backed up successfully.

I have an HP Surestore Scsi Tape Drive.

Please also advise anyting to watch out for as I am quite new to this - I can backup manually to tape using NTBackup though.

Can anybody help?
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Zaheer IqbalTechnical Assurance & ImplementationCommented:
Use the Ntbackup scheduler to back up the data..
dbdpAuthor Commented:
Well reasonably good bit ideally a bit more complete - i.e with sending of e-mail for confirmation.
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