Does my router support ADSL2? (Linksys WRT54GS)

I want to switch from normal adsl (1,500kbps download speed) to adsl2 (24,000kbps download speed).

I have got Linksys WRT54GS working well now with the normal adsl... is it going to work well with ADSL2?

I have asked the ISPs but no answer from them......

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Hi jtjli,

its a fairly old model mate, from what i can see there is nothing about it supporting adsl2


personally i would confirm with linksys by phone and see if they plan on releasing an update - so far nothing
The fact that you have a WRT54GS is not relevant here.  This is a ROUTER and not an ADSL or ADSL2 "modem".  To get ADSL2 you must contact your DSL provider and IF (and this is a BIG IF) they provide this server and IF your location permits it, THEY can provide you with this server and the equipment to do it.

The WRT54GS is still useful as it's an ETHERNER router and has nothing to do with ADSL.

You as the consumer cannot simply choose to use ADSL2.  Contact your DSL provider and get the details from them.

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jtjliAuthor Commented:
Hi jhance,

The ISP does support ADSL2. And I think you are right that I will need to get an equipement - ADSL2 modem - for the connection... But the router has to connect to the ADSL2 modem ... this is the part i'm not sure about ...
I agree with jhance. It's a router, not modem, so the isue of compatibility with ADSL2 is a moot point. As long as a modem of some sort can connect to it via an Ethernet cable, you're fine. They talk about DSL and cable since they're by far the more comment uses, however it would work with any sort of incoming internet connection as long as it's connected with an Ethernet cable.

Since your unit has no sort of modem functionality, they're not going to be able to tell you that. But also, many ISPs do NOT support home networks, so they're not really going to have any incllnation to answer your question.
The ASDL2 "modem" should provide you an ethernet port just like your current ADSL one.  There really should be no change to the WRT54GS or its setup.  But that, of course, depends on your ISP and what they require.
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