Install Matrox G550 (PCIe 1X) dual head card on Intel 915GEV with onboard video

We need to install Matrox G550 (PCIe 1X) dual head DVI cards on Intel 915GEV motherboards with onboard video. If we install the card "normally" by selecting the PCI as primary, the card works but device manager shows a red x on the onboard video and CMOS can't be accessed on bootup. This isn't an acceptable solution, and we're waiting for a better response from Intel, which so far says the 16x PCI slot must be populated by a 16x card. Since the cards and mbs have already been purchased, it would be great to find a solution that doesn't involve different graphic cards or mbs. Are there PCI 16x blanks available?. We know about the ADD2 Cards that give you a single DVI on the card and uses the VGA onboard for the dual head capability, but we need to run 2 DVI's.
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Well what you may have to do is return the matrox cards and get a pci-e 16x card with dual dvi ports, heres a link with one thats about the same price as the matrox card
You should be able to disable the onboard video in the bios, I would try to go back to where you can access the bios and then disable the onboard video all together.
Install the g550 into on of the 1x slots and disable the integrated video in the bios as Lawrence suggested and it should work.
DDJ-DDGAuthor Commented:
The Intel 915GEV board only has 3 selections in bios: Auto, PCIe and GX. No option to disable. Once a PCI card (1x) is installed in either 1X or 16X slot, you can't get into the bios to make any changes. If you try to enter by hitting F2, it just locks up. We've replicated this on several machines with same configuration. Thanks.
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