list a records from a dataset onto a single form

hello all.

MS VB 2005 Express edition

remember in VB where you can do a " while not RSname.eof " and loop through all the records in a table,
well I want to do the same thing in a project im creating in VB 2005 express.

basically I want to list a single column in a table, so when I click on the item, It will show the full record on another panel.
I did manage to get a label on the form with a single record, but not all of them.

is there a way I can list the column info without using a datagrid?

as you can tell from my descriptions, im a complete newbie to .net

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Dim rRow As YourDataset.YourTableRow
For Each rRow In YourDataset.YourTable()
  'do your thing

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hb21l6Author Commented:
thanks Tsay..

it sure looks like what i need, im just trying to find out how to put it into the panel on my form. -

hb21l6Author Commented:
maybe a visual representation might help explain what im trying to acheive

On the left hand side is where I want to create a list of names ( titles )

hope this makes it a bit more clearer.

sorry and thanks
hb21l6Author Commented:
ive found in a datagrid i can remove all the borders, background colours, row boxes etc.. thou its not the way i wanted to create it - it will do for now..

thanks anyway

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