Unable to use Microsoft Word as the E-Mail editor in Outlook 2003

I have several users on a Network that are unable to use Word as the E-Mial editor in Outlook 2003.  

So far I have tried unselecting the Word editor check box  under the Mail Format tab and closing Outlook.  I then tried opening Outlook and reselected the Word editor option in Outlook. This did not solve the issue.  

I then tried running Regsvr32.exe %Windir%\System32\Ole32.dll.  This did not solve the issue either.

I also tried deleting "normal.dot".  No dice.

I then ran Detect and Repair on Outlook and Word with Word OFF as the E-Mail editor.  Still no change.

I can not think of any other reason the may be causing this problem.  I would greatly appreciate any suggestions on this very strange issue.  

Thank you.
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have you tried installing office 2003 Service Pack 2 yet?

You are running Word 2003 together with Outlook 2003. There are known issues if you are still using Word 2002

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Hi again,

do you have any specific error message for this?

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Swamp_ThingAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the advice.  I downladed and Installed Service Pack 2 for Office 2003.  After rebooting, I opened Outlook and selected New E-Mail.  I was immediately notified that Word is going to be used as the E-Mail editor.  Thanks again.

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