What is the maximum length of a Groupwise Message ID?

Looking at our groupwise message IDs they can get pretty long - here is an example:


Is there a published maximum length of these ids? I would like to read them into a database table and am not sure what size I should allow for.

I am on Groupwise 6.5
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442D4982 is the Message File ID within the GroupWise Post Office where the message was generated. That is a constant length (8 hexidecimal digits).

100.1617868.1.421.1 is some inter-PO (or PO <-> Gateway) tracking information. I think the .1. indicates that the sending user's mailbox is in the MSG1.DB file in the OFMSG subdir of the originating PO. I want to say that some of those other numbers are queuing indicators and perhaps a checksum or CRC signature for data integrity checks within the GroupWise system (not really useful outside of it). I am fairly sure that this part of the Message ID string would not be much longer. Your example is 19 bytes; I'd expect that 24 bytes would hold all reasonable permutations.

companysoftware.XYZIPostOffice is the most-variant part. "PostOffice" is, of course, the name of the Post Office where the sending user resides. You know your System's Post Office names and the maximal size thereof.

I don't think the rest varies except when you might change something in GroupWise. Can't swear to that, tho.
Don't know.  Have you checked the GroupWise SDK documentation on http://developer.novell.com ?
purplesoupAuthor Commented:
I have - can't find anything. I have also posted to the developer forum novell.devsup.gwobjapi on forums.novell.com.
purplesoupAuthor Commented:
PsiCop have a good answer, although it seems difficult to get a maximum value with all the variables.
purplesoupAuthor Commented:
I meant to say "gave a good answer"!
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