Windows Updates Error: 0x80070005 (Failing to install)

I am unable to successfully download and install windows updates on my test server?  I tried to restart all wuauserv files and services, but no luck.  This did work on another server that was having issues.  Can someone please help?

11:56:33      1180      cc0      Report      REPORT EVENT: {A4954847-2EF0-4769-B994-49BD6D61CE17}      2006-04-10 11:56:28-0400      1      162      101      {DC67A22A-7CB1-45F9-B9F7-FC9D59F31777}      100      0      MicrosoftUpdate      Success      Content Download      Download succeeded.
2006-04-10      11:56:33      1180      cfc      Agent      WARNING: Failed to evaluate Installed rule, updateId = {ED300F67-421C-4C08-B3BA-F35C55F3B427}.100, error = 0x80041017
2006-04-10      11:56:38      1180      cfc      Handler      Attempting to create remote handler process as xx\citalem in session 2
2006-04-10      11:56:39      2440      904      Misc      ===========  Logging initialized (build:, tz: -0400)  ===========
2006-04-10      11:56:39      2440      904      Misc        = Process: C:\WINNT\system32\wuauclt.exe
2006-04-10      11:56:39      2440      904      AUClnt      FATAL: Error: 0x80070005. wuauclt handler: failed to spawn COM server
2006-04-10      11:56:39      1180      cfc      Handler      FATAL: 0x80070005: ERROR: Remote update handler container process created (PID: 2440), but exited before signaling event
2006-04-10      11:56:39      1180      cfc      Agent        * WARNING: Exit code = 0x80070005
2006-04-10      11:56:39      1180      cfc      Agent      *********
2006-04-10      11:56:39      1180      cfc      Agent      **  END  **  Agent: Installing updates [CallerId = MicrosoftUpdate]
2006-04-10      11:56:39      1180      cfc      Agent      *************
2006-04-10      11:56:39      1180      cfc      Agent      WARNING: WU client failed installing updates with error 0x80070005
2006-04-10      11:56:39      3444      80c      COMAPI      >>--  RESUMED  -- COMAPI: Install [ClientId = MicrosoftUpdate]
2006-04-10      11:56:39      3444      80c      COMAPI        - Install call failed
2006-04-10      11:56:39      3444      80c      COMAPI        - Reboot required = No
2006-04-10      11:56:39      3444      80c      COMAPI        - WARNING: Exit code = 0x80240FFF; Call error code = 0x80070005
2006-04-10      11:56:39      3444      80c      COMAPI      ---------
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Mohammed HamadaSenior IT ConsultantCommented:
This error code 0x80070005 Means " Access Denied ", Probably you have a firewall, Antivirus or some protection tool installed on your computer that avoid windows updates from being installed... if so then please replace or uninstall any of those tools so the process can be done successfuly...

Also it sounds like you have some service files corrupted on your computer, have you had any kind of infection on this computer before?

Try using the command " Sfc /scannow " to check for any changes that happend to windows system files.

Also Check this it might be so useful, someone here discuss the same problem.

Good Luck.
Try these;

IE October Update Affect ActiveX.  Run this fix. 

IE December Security Update - Odd Behavior

ActiveX Control not load as expected in Internet Explorer
Use this tool to update windows :-

Autopatcher (A single exe that includes all released updates and install all at once.

It’s a FREE and wonderful tool to update your OS. It also includes some powerful utilities. It also increases performance and capability of the system.


Windows 2000

Windows XP (TESTED OK)

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