how to remove Norton symantec antivirus

Hi i have a laptop TOSHIBA which had pre installed Antivirus NORTON what happen is one of my colleague deleted the registery vlaue of sysmantec and now when i try to remove it from control panel its giving me eror and i can remove it, can some one help please as i want to install any other version of antivirus but pre install copy wont allow me to do it..


Ammar Tahir
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ammartahir1978Author Commented:
thats doesnt help
its NORTON INTERNET SECURITY 2005 (Symantec Coporation)

i cant remove it as it give me error of INSTOPTS.dat file is missing so cant remove it from ADD/REMOVE program

is there any other way

Run the Symantec installation process from the CD, should comes with your laptop, there should be Removal option in it.

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