Mac file sharing problem

Hi Guys,

we used to have 2 2000 DC's that shared files, and the macs were always able to access these shares. We then upgraded these to 2003 R2 Servers, and now the Mac's can't even see what shared folders we have on them!!!!

however, we do have another 2003 Standard server on the network, and the macs can access these fine!

anyone have any ideas?
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1.  Install File Services for Macintosh on the Windows 2003 file server. To do so, open the Control Panel Add or Remove Programs applet and click the Add/Remove Windows Components option. Highlight the Other Network File and Print Services check box, and click Details. Select the File Services for Macintosh check box, then click OK, Next.

2.  Create the Mac file share. However, don't attempt to do so by right-clicking a folder. Instead, use the Computer Management console. To get to this console, open the Control Panel Administrative Tools applet, then double-click Computer Management. In the left pane of the Computer Management console, navigate to System Tools, Shared Folders, Shares and create a new file share from there. Only then will you be given the option for creating a Mac file share as opposed to a Windows-only file share. When creating the file share, I recommend that you enable the Windows Guest account. Although not necessary, it will make your job much easier because the Macintosh client won't have to authenticate itself to the server. You should disable the Guest account after you've completed the file-copying operation.

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oops wasn't finished:

After creating the Mac file share, you can access the shared folder on the Mac client. Simply open Chooser, click AppleShare, then select the shared folder from the Windows 2003 file server. You're now ready to transfer the files from the Mac client to the file server.
Gavin5511Author Commented:
is there a way of settin up the servers, so that all shares created are automatically accessable by Mac's?

and if so, is it possible to apply them to shares that already been created, kind of like a "bulk" assignment?
Here is a good example of how to do it, though its not easy....Look at the heading Login/logout scripts, make sure to read all of the red highlighted links, they provide further information.
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