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Maybe this is complete over kill but we keep running out of sessions on our servers for remote administration.  I know that a basic setup lets you have 2 sessions logged on plus one console.  I also know that you can steal the console port on a 2003 box by typeing mstsc /console in run.  All our server liscenses include 5 cals.  So i figure why not setup a terminal server.

I have done the following..

Turn the computer into a terminal server...
Installed terminal server liscenses...

what i am confused about is that the server issues temporary liscenses to the clients? I am also confused about because when i setup the liscense portion it asked me to enter in some liscenses.  I guess i assumed that there would already be 5 in there.

Any help would be great appreciated :D
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Michael PfisterCommented:
There are no terminal licenses included in WIndows 2003. Just 5 Client Access licenses, meaning use the file/printer sharing via the network.
For a grace period the terminal server will issue temporary licenses (I think for 90 days), after that you have no longer access to your box via TS without buying TS licenses.

Why do you keep running out of connections for remote administration? There's usually no need to connect directly to a server to run administrative tasks; most tasks can be done using remote administration tools (most important of all adminpak.msi, which you'll find the %systemroot%\system32 folder on a W2k3 server).
Michael PfisterCommented:
To help ypu with your session problem: under Terminal Service Configuration you can defin an inactivit timeout ...
mightofnightAuthor Commented:
Ok i guess i was confused.  I didn't realize the difference between cal and TS.  I more so wanted to setup TS for the enjoyment of saying that i have done it.  I personally use the Administrative Tools.  and setting up session timeouts always annoys people when their stuff closes out on them. i guess i just need to have everyone run theire stuff at the consol session.

Thanks Guys!
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