Zenworks imaging problem

I am running Netware 6.5 and using Zenworks for Desktop 4.01.  My problem is that the linux boot disk is not recognising the NIC in our new dell Dimensions.  The NIC is an Intel PRO/100 VE.  All of our older PC's are imaging just fine.  I suspect that I will need to find newer drivers for my Linux boot disk that support that NIC, but is there a newer release of a Zenworks boot ISO or will I have to create it manually?  If I need to create it manually does anyone know of a step by step guide?  Also we are not running DNS/DHCP on our server, we are just letting our Cisco router dish out the IP's.  What would we gain by incorporating the DNS/DHCP?  We only have about 20 pc's and we are imaging them to restore more quickly in case of HDD failure.
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I am on a newer version of zenworks 6.5 to be exact. It has a utility called zimgboot.exe it's in my zenworks\imaging directory. I just run it and have several options to make boot floppies or cdroms and add dirvers ect. Do you have a similar utility with ZEN 4x?. I think it was called zfdboot.exe? but I am not 100% on that, it has been a while.
That's right.  You add the driver to the boot CD/floppy image.


Alternatively, since you have ZFD4.01, have you considered setting up a PXE server?  That works really well, in my experience.
Funny thing about that TID I linked you to - the original problem the TID addresses is someone trying to use a imaging boot disk with an Intel PRO/100 VE.  

Just struck me as a nifty coincidence.
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Oh, by the way, in case you don't have a RedHat 6.2 box laying around waiting for you to compile your drivers, there's a guy that posted some images with newer drivers (including PRO/100 and PRO/1000, as well as some common Broadcom NICs) on Coolsolutions: http://www.novell.com/coolsolutions/tools/14316.html

Check around coolsolutions - there may simply be a file with the pre-compiled NIC drivers for you, if you want to do your own imaging boot files... http://www.novell.com/coolsolutions/tools/index.html
goedenAuthor Commented:
Not sure how to set up a PXE server,  will it work without DHCP server running?

I also noticed that the drivers found on coolsolutions were posted in 2003, are they still relevant?  I have only noticed this problem on new Dell pc's old ones are imaging.  The Intel PRO/100 VE is the one I'm having problems with.  Would the PXE server solve this problem?
The ZEN PXE server config sets up its own PDHCP server.  If you're running a separate DHCP server on the same server, you need to tweak things a bit to have the PDHCP server coexist, but if theres a) no other DHCP server or b) the PXE server is on a different physical server there's no problem, AFAIK.

The PXE server wouldn't really solve anything if the drivers aren't in the PXE boot image, IIRC.  It's just less of a hassle, in my opinion, to use PXE boot if your NICs can handle it.

You may have to get an old RedHat Linux distro and build the binary yourself, as per the TID.  The reason for the very old distro is the kernel version on the boot disk.

There may be a way to create a whole new boot disk with a newer kernel, but that's beyond me at the moment... ;)
goedenAuthor Commented:

I also am getting hard disk errors when I start the image on older pc's.  On two of these it recognises the NIC but when it starts to determine the amount of info to be imaged it comes back with a hard disk error and says that you need to run chkdsk.  I noticed on the TID link to Novell there is a patch for drives with DMA support could this be the issue there.  I ran chkdsk on the disk and it did no good.

Also do you know of a link on how to setup a PXE server?

Thanks for your help.
ZFD 4.01 Preboot Services Installation & Configuration Guide:

I don't know if the hard disk error you're getting has anything to do with DMA support, but if there are ZFD 4.x SP's or patches you haven't applied, you should get as current as possible to get all the fixes in place - makes it easier to troubleshoot.

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goedenAuthor Commented:
I found the problem to be with a damaged image.  I used the image repair utility built into Zenworks and removed the files where it would bomb out and this fixed the problem.  Don't understand why the image was damaged but that took take of the problem.  Thanks for the help and the TID on the Preboot services.

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