AutoCAD 2006 Configuration/File path setups….How do you copy these setting from CPU to CPU?

At my company we have 3 different AutoCAD programs on every computer(autcad/civil 3d/landdesktop) they each need to be setup properly to read the same file paths off of the server..etc. In my branch we have over 20 computers that need to be setup.

Is there a way to setup each program once and then just copy a file onto the other computers to duplicate the correct file paths and such?
I need your help
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 make sure all the workstations have the same drive maps, then look into using "profiles" I think they work with all the vertical software since 2000 but double check that. I skimmed these sites, you may get something out of them along with the help files:

I would get one workstation working good the way you want it and make the profile from it.

some body else may have some better ideas or routines though.

good luck.
ahalkiasAuthor Commented:
I will let you know

ahalkiasAuthor Commented:
It worked perfectly

Thanks for your help
you're welcome,thanks for the points
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