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I need some advice on how to go about sync two Windows 2003 HP NAS boxes, one is in the UK and one is in China, they are linked by VPN and I need to be able to sync them on a by folder basis. In other words, I do no want to sync the entire volume but only 2 or 3 folders. The problem is these folders are going to contain enourmous graphic files and would be best if this can be scheduled so as to be done out of hours. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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Simplest thing would be to use robocopy, if you have enough bandwidth.  Otherwise, you could zip them up and copy them over as a scheduled job.
ColinRoydsAuthor Commented:
Thanks but a simple copy won't do the trick, the NAS boxes hold on average between 300 to 400GB and grow by 100Gb every 3 months or so. The amount of data to sync would be around 3gb per full scheduled transfer and average around 4 to 5 of these a month if done on a batched lot. So to continously sync them I think I need something a bit better than robocopy and am almost thinking along the lines of a DR type application that will run over a WAN link. These files are critical that they are done on time and reliably to keep to company project schedules
I have been using some very good NAS replication with Linux based NAS boxes where the file differences are replicated and the systems can be held in sync very successfully over WAN lines. It also can do archiving and transfer ACL information. It has features like compression and throttling so it can schedule and save the bandwith usage of your WANs

It's also fully automated.

You could run an agent on your Windows based NAS but you will need an Linux based manager for the software.

Recommended. The software is sold as OEM through 3 very good NAS vendors and made by an Canadian company called Signiant.

LOL, hope this one was not considered as "advertizing" I know a guy in UK who could assist you

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