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Hey Experts!

I have a user that is constantly adding things to there /usr/lib folder...but the only way they were able to copy the files successfully was as root.

So as the root user, I change the permissions of the folder so that she could read/write the folder.

But the permissions have reverted to the old and she is unable to add the files unless she is the super user. Which is a step that I'd like to avoid.

I'm not concerned with them screwing up there OS.

My question, how do I set the permissions of /usr/lib so that she can add/write/edit/read files and that they don't change to the original?

(OS = Mandrake 10.1)


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try this

chown -R userA:root /usr/lib

chmod -R 770 /usr/lib

and ask the userA login and try again.
> chmod -R 770 /usr/lib
this is far too tight! how other users are to dynamically load those libraries?

however, I assume, the problem is, that some cron security jobs are reverting those ownership/perms to original state - is that right?

Maybe You should write some simple script
FILETOCOPY=`basename "$1"` # has to be in current directory
[ `id -u` == uidofthepermitteduser ] || exit 1; #this line may be omitted, it's just extra security already provided with sudo
cp -iv "$FILETOCOPY" /usr/lib

then configure the user in /etc/sudoers to be allowed to run this script with root privs
username ALL=/path/to/the/script *
Hi, mandrake has a cron task called msec which will revert permissions back to the (considerably) more secure defaults

Go into /etc/security/msec/

create a file called perm.local

in it, write something similar to

/var/lib                               current         755
/var/lib/someuserspace       jsmith.users  755
/var/lib/someuserspace/*    jsmith.users  644

view /usr/share/msec/perm.$SECURITY to see the defaults

Then wait about a hour for the msec process to do the filesystem checks

Incidentally, user access to the full lib folder == bad, perhaps you can limit them to a
subfolder instead?


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Whoops, of course I meant /usr/lib/, not /var/lib

Cheers again
qball2k5Author Commented:
I agree that doing this isn't good....But her development process requires this to be possible.

I noticed that msec did reset the permissions....I'm going to have to consider your solution...maybe there is a better way.....perhaps /usr/local/lib instead.

I wouldn't fight with msec too much, it's there to help with security.  Does your developer need write access to the whole

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