Can't find WinZIP after WinRAR download

I downloaded a free trial of Win RAR, but now am being told I need to subscribe.  I would like to return to using WinZIP, but cannot find it on my compute any longer.  Did WinRAR remove it?
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WelkinMaze is correct; WinRAR will not remove WinZip from your system.

You can check whether WinZip is on your system (and also get it to open ZIP files without uninstalling WinRAR) by;

1. R/Mouse clicking on an existing ZIP file
2. Selecting 'Open With/Choose Program..' from the pop-up menu
3. Select WinZip from the list shown (it's likely to be in the 'recommended programs' section, but may also be in the 'Other Programs' section)
4. Check the 'Always use the selected program to open this type of file' checkbox.
5. Click 'ok'

This will allow you to open ZIP files in WinZIP but still be able to use WinRAR for opening .RAR files for instance.

Also, you might also want to have a look at WinRARs 'Integration' options in the WinRAR 'Options' menu (Settings/Integration) where you'll be able to decide which file formats should open up with WinRAR.

It's not very probable.
Try to find it by searching for "winzip" your computer. Probably it is in your "Program files' folder.
Also you can try to uninstall WinRAR, this may restore wour winzip settings.
WinRAR does *not* remove WinZip. I've tried using both myself and I personally vouch that is not the case.

That said, my personal recommendation is that you delete both of them (My computer - Add or remove programs on the left side and remove both of them) and just install 7-zip.

Just pick 32-bit and install that. It should be able to do what Winzip and WinRAR do combined, and it's completely free - no ads, registration dates, anything.
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