Sending emails on behalf of somebody ??????

Dear Experts

I am encountering an annoying problem when sending emails on behalf of some one else using 2003 SBS and
Windows XP Clients.

I have configured Exchange Active Directory according to article ID 327000, Granting the desired user "Send on behalf of permissions" control of the Mail Box Owner account.

The Mail Box Owners Outlook application is then configured to allow the desired "Send on behalf" user to delegate
Outlook tools/option/delegate.

The From option successfully appears in the desired "Send on behalf" user Outlook application.

The problem :
The Send on behalf user then can create/reply to an email on behalf of the Mail Box Owner user. The email then goes to the sent box and this shows the email
UserB Sent on behalf of UserA
which is correct.

But when any "Behalf of email" is received externally at the destination the "Sent on behalf" is missing. If sent internally on the same domain the "Sent on behalf is always" present.

I have done all the Microsoft Office updates and the Server is also up to date.

I just dont get why the "Sent on behalf" goes missing

Any help or guidance would be appreciated.

Norman Cook
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Not quite sure about this one but we've got to start somewhere.  The only times I've had this occur was when either

a) Someone had also added the 'delegate' to have 'Send As' permissions for the same person that had delegated them the 'Send On Behalf Of' permission.  Due to the processing rules order the internal Exchange domain always saw the 'Sent On Behalf Of' tag, whereas external recipients did not.  So first check to make sure that the delegate doesn't also have 'Send As' permissions by going to the Security tab in Active Directory Users and Computers of the person to be "Sent As" e.g. If Jane Doe needs to 'send as' Bob Dole, then open Bob Dole's user object in ADUC, click the Security tab and give Jane Doe the "Send As" permission.

b) Or when a much simpler problem happened but impossible to fix, was certain email clients were not respecting the complete From header in the email and refused to show it.  This one is simple enough to eliminate by just checking their external mail with an Outlook client outside their domain and seeing what it saysl


Matt Ridings
MSR Consulting

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norman_cookAuthor Commented:

Hi Matt

Thanks for your help so far. I am visiting the site in question soon so I have a few things to try. I will definently check out the Send As permissions in AD. The main problem with this site is that the system worked perfectly with Windows 2000 we then replaced their server with an all singing all dancing Dual Xeon with 2003 but since this the annoying send on behalf of has never worked.

Thanks again for your advice.

I will let you know how I get on.

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