OutLook E-Mail user profile Question

This is dumb but I'll ask anyway.

Lets say you have a laptop using Outlook to read e-mail from an outside POP3 host.
You bring the laptop to the office and login locally and read your e-mail normally.

What if you login in to the office Windows Active Directory domain ( new profile)
and then try to read your e-mail from the outside POP3 host.

What is the result ? Do you get out of sync and have some e-mail in one profile and some e-mail in the other profile ?

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Yes pretty much.  If you log in to a new profile then it will download your email to that pst file. So, you would have some email in one profile and some in another.   One workaround may be to point Outlook under both profiles to the same pst file.  
dorgunrAuthor Commented:
how to do point outlook to a particular .pst file
In Outlook 2003, go to Tools, Options, Mail Setup, Data Files.  From within there you can tell Outlook which pst file to use.

If it is a different version of Outlook then it may be a bit different.  You can also get there through Control Panel, and Mail.

Let me know if you need more detailed instructions on this.

Here's an article that gives a few more instructions.

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