tryin to clone mac drives from windows through usb.

Hello all..i am trying to replace a mac hard drive with another...admitadly i am not a mac person so i seem to have messed up and am pressed for time. i have a failling mac drive from a powerbook g4 that i have pulled out and put into an external usb 2.0 drive - i also have the same setup with a new laptop drive (in other words it too is in an eclosure). i need to clone the old drive to the new drive but the only other machine i have to work with is a win xp pro machine.

any ideas on how to do this safely and effectively.

currently the mac drive is not being recognised by windows although the program that i use (paragon drive backup pro) does see it as a free and unformatted drive , i suspect that is due to the different file format.

i have attempted the clone already once to the new drive (from within windows xp ,runnin paragon) but it literally took about 2.5 seconds and now the new drive is being seen in the exact same manner as the original.

please ..any ideas as far as a good program to use or a different method would be greatly appreciated

thank you
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If you put the old drive back in the powerbook, will it boot? If so you can use carbon copy cloner from to clone it to the external USB drive.

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Bigred4Author Commented:
it did boot at the time and i will definately consider that ..only thing stoppin me is i am very pressed for time and putting the g4 back together would probly take forever and a day since they are built like fort knox lol..

any way to do it with the current setup?
I don't know of any way to clone a Mac drive while booted from a PC.
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Bigred4Author Commented:
ok..ill go that route and give it a try..keep ya posted...thanks
Alternatively, you could use 'dd' - it's available for windows. You then do a pure copy from one disk to another...

But yes, the best way to do it is what 'strung' has suggested is to boot from the external disk. The problem is tho, getting the powerbook to boot *something* so you can load up Carbon Copy Cloner. As long as the old disk boots you're fine, but if it doesn't youll have to re-install OS X onto the new disk and then copy the files back over using the User Migration Tool as a part of the OS X install process (in Tiger)

The way Ryan suggests above is probably the easiest.
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