VPN Setup on Windows Server 2003

I currently have 2 Servers running Windows Server 2003. One is the DC and the Other is the Exchange 2003(NOT DMZ). Which server do i setup the VPN on and is it required to have 2 NICs?

Keep in mind that DHCP is not installed on either servers but DNS is installed on the DC only.
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Are you running AD? Is the Exchange server a membe server?
Why not run DHCP? are u using static IP's for everything?

I would put the VPN endpoint of the Domain Controllor. and no you do not need 2 NIC's.
Keep in my that each network you attach to must have different IP's.i.e. 192.168.0.x and 192.168.2.x
slamminrcAuthor Commented:
Yes, I am running AD. Exchange Server is also a DC. I am static ip's for everything. Is DHCP required for VPN access?
slamminrcAuthor Commented:
Also, i am setting up this VPN Access for exchange access from outlook externally. Don't want to setup RPC over HTTP as of yet.
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Yes you will need 2 nics
slamminrcAuthor Commented:
So, where should  setup VPN? On the main DC or on the exchange?
you can setup VPN Server on any of these tow servers that you have got ..

but it is better to setup vpn server on the domain controller .. so you need less configuration

and in this case you'll need 2 nic's in the domain controller ... so you can baybass in to your network (unless you want to access to resources in the domain controller only)

-you dont need dhcp you can grant ip to vnp clints by ip address pool that you configure in the vpn server

good luck
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