Get sum of duration


in VB.NET i want to create a sql statement for sql-server that gives me the duration.

Like this:
    FromDateTime= 07/04/2006 15:00
    ToDateTime= 07/04/2006 15:10
    FromDateTime= 07/04/2006 15:20
    ToDateTime= 07/04/2006 15:25
    FromDateTime= 07/04/2006 15:30
    ToDateTime= 07/04/2006 15:50

When i do this "SELECT <what to place here?> FROM Table WHERE Filterfield=1"
i should get something like
30minutes or even in seconds or milliseconds, i don't care about that, i just want this data out like that.
seconds, milliseconds,minutes,... are easy to convert to anything else.
Joachim CarreinSr. Software DeveloperAsked:
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Hello joachimcarrein,

you could use

SELECT (ToDateTime - FromDateTime) AS Duration FROM Table WHERE Filterfield=1

hope this helps a bit

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Joachim CarreinSr. Software DeveloperAuthor Commented:
this gives me also datetimes, i have already tried this before

i just got to this, this seems to work fine:
SELECT     DATEDIFF(s, FromDateTime, ToDateTime) AS Total
FROM         table
WHERE      Filterfield=1
Joachim CarreinSr. Software DeveloperAuthor Commented:
Thanks for searching anyway, i give you the credit, but only C
well you could've left this open for a while there are others looking at it, and i was preparing a table to test with
i used this on a table here with fields that contain a datefield filled with a format

yyyy/mm/dd hh:mm:ss

select CONVERT(varchar(8), (MAX(tiqdate) - MIN(tiqdate)), 14) AS Duration from myTable
where id = 23991
and mydate between '20060410 09:15:00' and '20060410 09:35:00'

returning the hh:mm:ss part

00:17:00 which are 17 minutes between the 2 in the select
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