Setting Up LAN/Internet DNS Server


I used bind in debian sarge to configure LAN/Internet DNS Server. I tried several times attempts to do it but I cannot find the exact configurations. Experts may I ask the some help about the procedure on this matter? Can I ping the DNS after such configurations?


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yes, you can do this in just 2 computers, you can put the DNS service  with others service like firewall, dhcp in one computer, www, ftp, etc.... into other computer. all depending on what service(s) going to run, so in your named.conf use the correct ip(s) or aliases, cname will do.

$TTL 86400          IN     SOA \
                   2004011522     ; Serial no., based on date
                        21600     ; Refresh after 6 hours
                         3600     ; Retry after 1 hour
                       604800     ; Expire after 7 days
                         3600     ; Minimum TTL of 1 hour
;Name servers
debns1                       IN     A   IN     A

@                             IN     NS      debns1          IN     NS

;Mail servers
debmail1                        IN     A IN     A

@                             IN     MX      10 debmail1          IN     MX      20

;Aliased servers
debhp                          IN     A  IN     A

www                         IN     CNAME   debhp      IN     CNAME   debhp

the above example, dns1, mail1, www, ftp in one computer, and it's ip is
dns2, mail2 in
have a look on this one it's show you how to setup the DNS server in debian linux.

and yes you can ping the DNS after config unless your firewall rules disallow ping.
dear friend

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marvelsoftAuthor Commented:
Hi paullamhkg, can I do this in just two computers only? The setup requires 6 ip address to complete the whole setup.
marvelsoftAuthor Commented:
paullamhkg your answer is very much appreciated. I will try this... Thank you.
you are welcome ;)
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