How to use two internet connections two increase bandwidth

Dear Expert,

I'm having two internet connections. One is wired LAN 100Mbps and other is wireless which is 50Mbps but individually the throughput is less than 20Kbps. I want to make use of these two connections as one connection to increase bandwidth. How can I acheieve this? I bridged two connections. I'm using XP with SP2.
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msvkumarAuthor Commented:
Already I did bridging. But will it help me to increase the internet speed?

No you can't do this.  It is 2 seperate connections that completely differ.  You won't be able to do it.  Apps etc. will only use one pipe, and the technologies are different etc.
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Just use your LAN then because your wireless will give you about 50% of the advertised rate (50Mbps ~> 20 or 25Mbps throughput); overhead on wireless is a killer.  
Install gigabit card
You need a gigabit switch to make use of a gigabit card; that's the best solution if possible.  You can get an 8 port 10/100/1000 switch from Dell or Linksys for about $90.  
msvkumarAuthor Commented:
Thanks all for your comments.

I wont be able to do anything to increase internet speed.

  Let me ask you this; There is one wired network and one wireless network. In this scenario, are you talking about 2 different connections also to the internet? or just the wireless is part of the wired connection when it gets to internet?

If you are talking about your wired or wireless LAN connection and how it affects your INTERNET speed then I would wonder what kind of connection you have?  My cable modem will get up to 5Mbps downstream.  I can be running on a 10Mbps hub and not see a slowdown.  Are you talking about traffic on your LAN or to the Internet?
The thing that people would want to do is Load Balancing with two Internet connections.
if it was a Dialup then Multilink would have been a chance, But Wired and Wirelss slipstreaming , no, you cant do it.
Let me combine a lot of the things mentioned above into a reply here...
 - Bridging your internet connections probably won't work like you expect it to
 - When running a TCP/IP connection, there is a lot of "extra data" that gets transmitted (ie. overhead) that reduces the effective speed you see
 - A gigabit card probably won't change anything... you need a gigabit switch, and also is helpful only if you have a gigabit connection (1000Mbps), which you don't have

Now, you have two connections: wired and wireless... are they using the same internet connection?  My concern is that you may be maxxing out your internet connection, and that splitting that one connection into smaller chunks won't help.

No matter, to answer your question directly, there is a way to join two internet connections together and increase bandwidth, but don't get your hopes up:
 (1) There are devices out there (or you can build your own linux box) that aggregates two connections together.  They're not cheap though!
 (2) For an at-home or simple solution, you can tweak your routing tables, so that some traffic goes out on Connection1, and else on Connection2.  It's not simple, and you have to know what connections you want routed where, why, etc and go from there.

After all this chatter, I'm guessing the simplest answer would be NO - it can't be done.  Though technically possible, isn't as simple as pressing a button.


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msvkumarAuthor Commented:
Dear All,

Thanks for your comments. I've two internet connection. One through ethernert card and one through wireless card. Individually each connection will give me speed of 20Kbps. I thought if I can linkI Multi link concept) these two and make as one connection to increase my internet speed. I bridged two connections. I dont know really it will help. But when i checked my net speed with it showed 40Kbps.

I really thank you once again for giving your valuable comments. I specially thank Okigire

Thank you very much
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