How to delete root hints from command-line

I need to know how to delete the default root hints from my internal DNS server from command-line. The only way I've figured out is to delete them using the DNS Management console and then manually deleting the CACHE.DNS file.

Any help would be appreciated! Thanks again!
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See this article:

BTW, why would you want to remove them?
nub99Author Commented:
My domain is private and does not need to connect to the internet. So I don't need the root hints.
Well, there are quicker ways to prevent internet access, like just removing the internet connection.

As far as a command line tool, dnscmd is the basic tool for dns.  I think there is a way to do it using dnscmd, but that article above talks about the problems afterwards.

You can always just add a forward lookup zone with "." as the zone.  That basically makes your DNS server a top-level DNS server and it won't use forwarders or root-hints to try and resolve anything.

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I need to be able to do this from a command line (dnscmd - most likely) to remove roothints from AD DC's and turning them into forwarders
You are simply wanting to put in forwarders?  You don't need to remove the root hints for this.  Just add your forwarders.


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