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Unable to create Outlook profile

I have a user that I am unable to create an Outlook profile for.
It's Outlook 2003, exchange 2003, windows XP SP2

I tried logging on to the workstation as myself (domain admin rights) and have the same issue.

When setting up the profile, the mailbox name will not resolve to the exchange server.  I have deleted the profile and tried again and it still won't work.

Has anyone seen this and been able to resolve it?  I will try re-installing outlook and disabling and re-enabling TCP/IP but that doesn't always work.

1 Solution
SYSadmin22Author Commented:
Also, I can Ping the exchange server by the Netbios name and it resolves properly.

Hey there,

 I also has this problem once. My resolution was to re-format the PC and start again. Probably not the most efficient use of time, but neither-the-less upon trying to setup exchange mailbox and profiles, everything was fine.


Try to isolate whether it is the machine, the person's profile or the exchange account..

1. Have you tried creating a new profile on that workstation with another exchange account? i.e. if you're trying to set it up on "Susie's" machine, don't try creating a profile for Susie again,  use someone eles's exchange account (ex. "Dan") and see if you can create a profile on Susie's machine for Dan.  If you can set up a profile for Dan but not Susie, then you can probably make an assumption that Susie's workstation is OK, but there is still a problem with Susie's account.

2. Try creating a new profile on ANOTHER workstation for Susie and see if her name resolves to the exchange server.  If so, then it is probably not a problem with her Exchange account.

If you cannot create a profile for Susie on any machine, it may be that there is a problem with her Exchange account & you might try re-creating that, and then go back to the workstation and attempt to create her profile.

3. If you can add a profile for "Susie" on another machine, just not her own, try dropping her workstation from the domain and then re-adding it, & try again.  (shot in the dark there).


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Saw this once. I had to remove the account from the Active Directory / Exchange server completely.

Readded the User and created an email account in the process on the Exchange. Enabled the relevent Exchange Features and then set up the account at the users workstation.

I doubt that our environments are the same. The reason why this had happened as far as I can see was due to a misconfiguration during the initial account creation in active directory.

Oh Yeah, kissed all the email that were there already good bye in the process....
SYSadmin22Author Commented:
I have isolated it to the local machine:
-Cannot create an outlook profile for myself while logged in as myself on the machine (Domain Admin)
-User can get to OWA so the mail box is OK
-User can create a profile on a different machine

I have found a few posts about the TCP/IP stack needing to be rebuilt.  I will disable TCP/IP and re-enable it to rebuild.  Is there a better way to rebuild the TCP/IP Stack?

I will try removing and re-adding the machine to the domain as well.
Make sure the machine has the correct DNS server specified.

Also, see if Outlook is running in Compatibility Mode.  Do this by searching for Outlook.exe, which is usually in:
C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office

Right click on it and click properties.  Then click the Compatibility tab (if there is one).  Make sure nothing is checked or selected here.  Then try to create your exchange profile.

Hi Sysadmin22,

Appreciate your feedback on whether any of the comments by us were helpful. Remember also that the correct answer or answers would also help others to resolve their isssues. Awaiting a post from you.

Best regards to everyone,

SYSadmin22Author Commented:
The issue was on the local machine.  I was recently forced to build a new MS Exchange Environment due to corruption in the databases.  I recreated the Databases (lengthy process with MS Support Involved). I believe the client machine was affected somehow but it was an isolated issue.  Ended up needing to re-install Office. Deleting the OST file, creating a new Profile, Detect and repair did not work.  Removing and re-installing Office fixed it.

Strange one...  Too many variables to figure out why it happened...
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