DHCP in Access point?

1.What is the feature of IP auto Configuration (DHCP client)  in an Access point?
2. will it generate ips without a pc.
3. How this feature works?
4. How to share internet without & with Access points DHCP feture.?
5. If DHCP feature dosnt available whats the another option  to enable the feature ..i think to coonect to the .. switch /hub/router.. and using windows DHCp feature i think it works to .
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nprignanoTechnical ArchitectCommented:
1) DHCP is the same no matter what device is hosting the service - Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (protocol is a standar, so its the same no matter the platform).  Having DHCP on an access point would provide IP information for any client connecting via the wireless to that AP - although, this by definition is not an AP if it has a DHCP server, its actually a wireless gateway.

2) IP addresses are generated by a DHCP server for devices configured to use DHCP to obtain their IP - so if you mean does an AP provide IPs to DHCP clients without a PC to act as the DHCP server - the answer is yes if the AP has a DHCP server, no if not.

3) You set up the scope and exclusions and reservations in the DHCP server, then the service generates IPs according to the scope and stores the results in a DHCP database.

4) You do not need to use DHCP to share an internet connection.  Assuming that the AP is capable of Network Address Translation (NAT) the AP/gateway will route the internet traffic.

5) If DHCP is not available on your wireless router/AP, you can either have another device serve this function (Such as a wired router or a server on the network) or use static routing.


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pawankkAuthor Commented:
nprignano  thanx buddy
Sanayo AP has given in its configuration
IP auto Configuration :- DHCP client
but how to know that  it has  an DHCP server or not. does DHCP client  and sevrer means different whats the way  to check that it has DHCP server and what difference  they both   make in  wireles networking. If purchasing a AP will this  feature is benifitial or we can do  without  it.
A DHCP server automatically assigns an IP address to a DHCP client. For instance, if I take my laptop into a hotel and it's wireless internet has a DHCP server on it, that server will issue me an IP address on its network so that I can use it without having to go into network properties and manually typing in the IP address, net mask, default gateway, etc.

If the Sanayo AP has a DHCP client on it, that means that you can stick it behind a router with a DHCP server on it, and that AP will automatically be configured with the correct IP address, net mask, and default gateway. With almost certainty, I can say this feature is optional, and you should be able to set a static IP address if you so desired in the APs options. Note that without a DHCP server on the AP, users of the AP will get their networking information assigned by that router with the DHCP server (or gateway, etc.)...or if there is no DHCP server anywhere, users would have to manually configure their devices.

If the Sanayo AP has a DHCP server on it, that means that you configure the network parameters and the AP itself will hand out IP addresses so that users' computers can automatically be configured. I guess that would be useful if you didn't happen to have a DHCP server in your router, modem, etc. (but that would be kind of unlikely with anything halfway modern).

I have wired a couple of hotels with wireless APs and the setup is: router w/ DHCP server --> switch, to multiple APs --> APs with static IP addresses --> users pc configured by router's DHCP server.

As far as if the Sanayo AP is a DHCP server or client (or  both), I can find little info on this AP. If you could post a link to some product specs on here, I'm sure someone could tell you for sure what they are talking about. I did a google on Sanayo AP and got almost nothing back. Are you sure you are spelling that right?


nprignanoTechnical ArchitectCommented:
it all depends on how you use your wired router - if it is already doing DHCP, then you won't need a second DHCP server.  if it not, and you want this feature, then your AP should have the DHCP enabled.

nprignanoTechnical ArchitectCommented:
and it honestly makes no difference which device is handing out the information (DHCP), but it does matter that you can have only one per subnet short of advanced configuration to the DHCP scope (exlusion ranges).

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