BT Broadband frequently disconnects

I have a DELL laptop (Inspiron 6000 bought 2005) running Windows XP Prof and use the BTYahoo Broadband service supplied via the copper-wire telephone connection. There are ADSL filters on each telephone outlet. The ADSL Modem is a Belkin F5D7630-4A connected to the computer via network cable.

Around the end of the year I downgraded from BT Broadband Option 4 (no limits) to BT Option 1 (2 GB per month limit).

Until around the end of 2005 I had a reliable 2MB service but since then the Hub disconnects frequently and the Data light goes out. This usually happens when not actually transmitting data to/from the network.

I have made no major changes to the hardware/software of the system which might account for this change.

I have tried switching off our DECT phone system but the connection continues to frequently disconnect.

I have checked that the Advanced Dial-Up "Disconnect if Idle for ..." box is not ticked. I cannot find a similiar box for the Broadband connection.

I have tried BT customer support but find that the service is hard to access and only basic information is available.

Usually clicking the BT icon to "Sign-In" does not restore the connection (which works when I first switch on my computer). To get reconnected I have to reboot the modem/hub by swtching the power supply off and then on again. This always restores the connection.

I am not sure if this is my hardware/software, network or mode settings of if it is caused by the BT ADSL system. Can you please advise me how to restore a continuous Broadband service and avoid having to reboot the Modem/Router to reestablish service.

Thank you, John
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Have you checked for any type of Electro magnetic interference? Checked for any faulty filters? Could be a bad modem? Could be a pc issue does the pc hibernate? Does it put your nic to sleep? Just some of the many possibilities!

Probably worth doing a fault report through your broadband provider and asking them to run a line test. It's easy enough for them to test the line from their end and that will enable them to pick up a wide range of problems.

In most cases it'll be faulty wiring at the exchange or a corroded cable somewhere in the BT network thats good enough to hold a connection most of the time but fails as the SNR moves.

If the line check comes back ok it's worth trying your router connected to the main BT phone point for a day or two with no other phones connected just to eliminate faults within your home wiring.
the modem is your problem... a cable problem would not restore the connection to concidence with a modem reboot...

Request a time trial with another modem, same model and see what happens..


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