Idea Please

I just received a programme, created by my coder, where the programme works like below :

When a visitor visits a website, the website owner can directly IM him/ her. A small IM window opens at the visitors end without the visitors clicking any link. Then both can chat over the services/ products which the website is selling. This increases the total sales of the website.

My question is : Do you think this programme will sell ? I want to sell it to atleast 50 website owners. Please give me your idea.

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Well, I think that's a pretty good idea. I'm sure many would be interested in purchasing.

However, I imagine that many of the website visitors would find it somewhat intrusive; they just want to have a nose around the site, and suddenly "HELLO THERE!! I AM THE OWNERER!!! GIVE ME MONEY!!!".  :-\

heh, it'll be funny if the website owner starts a conversation with the Google bot  ;-)

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Nice program! If you plan to sell the software to large e-commerce websites, you will probably need to modify it so that each customer gets connected to a different sales person based on a load balancing algorithm.

I doubt the owner of website alone would be able to chat with the thousands of customers connected to the website at any given moment. :-)


  Nayer Naguib
Yeah, it is pretty good idea.
It really depends on what technology your messanger relies on.
If it is activeX then it could even decrease visitors to the web. If it is java, then your visitors must have java installed enabled. If it is javascript then it rocks (see google chat).
And the other thing is: what kind of technology it uses on the web server. Do you want to sell it only for ASP.NET websites J2EE, PHP or any of those. Does it work on only one platform or on all of those?
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I've seen some things like this but they all let the user click a button that said something like "Click here to talk with a representative live...".  I would be put off if I was looking at a vendor's web site and a window popped up asking me stuff.  Adware popups are bad enough, personalized popups are downright scary.

I suggest you rethink doing this to your site visitors.  I may be the only one potentially put off by this but you need to be sure that you will only offend a minority rather than your potential customers...
2xtraAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your inputs - but do you think that I can sell to 50 website owners ?

I would also like to give a 24-hour-service to the website owners - meaning someone would be there 24 hours to talk to the visitors. Would the website buy this ?

How much can I charge a website owners for this 24 hours service ?
2xtraAuthor Commented:
What happenned ? Experts ? .....
Personally, I think that the idea of your application is very interesting! However, selling the software is another thing. This depends upon features, look and feel, marketing, pricing, etc... The number of customers could be anything between 0 and several millions! :-)

As for your other question, I don't think that your customers would go for it. First, every website owner will need to train the staff that you will provide. Second, I don't think having a 24-hour service would be interesting for most website owners (unless the website owner expects international customers, in which case the language would be another issue). Finally, specialized salesmen already working at e-commerce companies would surely do a better job promoting their products.


  Nayer Naguib
2xtraAuthor Commented:
nayernaguib : Thanks for your input. You said ...

..."First, every website owner will need to train the staff that you will provide"...

Is it really necessary as some sites are too easy to understand ? All they need is to be guided/ convinced to buy/ test the product/ service.

Do you really think that this service of the software of mine would not sell at all if I work 10-hours per day to find/ convince website owners ? What do you think ?
For a sales person to be able to attract customer's attention, he should have to know a lot of things about a product/service, including technical specs. (if any), advantages over competing products, related products, prices, promotions, where to get/buy, etc... To realize the problem, think about what your guy(s) will need to learn before providing this service to an electronics website that sells PC's, digital cameras, mobile devices, musical keyboards, etc...

Being able to sell the service has nothing to do with the number of hours per day that you will dedicate for marketing (apart from the fact that you did not specify how long you will be doing that :-) ). Rather, a single e-mail with 1000 customers receiving carbon copies could *probably* do the same job if you present your idea/features well enough, and provide a link to your website (please don't tell me that you haven't got a website for the product). :-)


  Nayer Naguib
Now, if the program included a chatbot that did the job of the salesperson and advised the customer without any user intervention..... that would be interesting. It would also be greater fun when it encounters  that googlebot - nothing is more  fun than a couple of bots chatting together, each designed to chat to a human :-)
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