Adding Printer to Workgroup Switch

Here are the details:

1. I have two computers in my graphics office that are connected to each other through a workgroup switch... used for file sharing.
2. One computer is a current Mac and the other a current PC
3. I have an Epson Stylus Pro 7600 Wide Format Dye printer in which I will be purchasing and installing an internal print server... manufactured by Epson.
4. QUESTION: Can I connect this printer (with the installed print server) to the workgroup switch so that I can send print jobs from both computers?
5. Or, does a router need to be used instead of the workgroup switch?

Thank you.

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No need for a router here. Just follow the instructions on how to give the print server an IP address in your network range, then you can print to them from the workstations (proper driver support assumed).  
Roger_DogerAuthor Commented:
One additional comment:  the two computers are connected to the workgroup switch via their respective NICs.  Also, each computer has a wireless adapter that allows for internet access.  Will having these wireless cards complicate the printer setup?
Shouldn't be a problem, no.
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