Cursor Reset to Default Before System.Windows.Forms.Cursors.Default is executed

I have a app in which I have set the cursor to a wait currsor in a button click event.  The cursor does seem to change to an hour class but then resets to a default cursor before the System.Windows.Forms.Cursors.Default is executed.

Are there certain operations that cause this?

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I'm not sure, but you could put it (the hour glass code) in the loop or whatever code you use that you are waiting on.
johnnyg123Author Commented:
thanks for pointing me in the right direction....

I was executing a for loop to populate some word form fields.  I guess it reset the cursor to default.  (Not sure why)

I stuck a  Me.Cursor.Current = System.Windows.Forms.Cursors.WaitCursor inside and all is well.

Cursor goes back and forth between normal and wait quite a bit but does the trick

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