Problems with Frontpage Extensions 2002 on MS Server 2003 Web Edition

Can someone help me out ?

I have Server 2003 Web Edition running with FP Extensions 2002 on IIS6.  

I can publish the info with FrontPage 2003 Properly, using FP Publishing, but I am having a problem with a mail form.

Here is the site url, if you want to look at it 1st hand and see the problem:

Select Enter, at the top, goto Careers, then Job Listing, scroll to the bottom and hit Submit Resume. Fill in the form, and hit Submit Form at the bottom, and you will get the following error:

FrontPage Error.
User: please report details to this site's webmaster.
Webmaster: please see the server's application event log for more details.

There are no errors reported in the Event Viewer Logs...none at all...

I have the SMTP Service installed, I have the basic SMTP Setting filled out in Front Page Ext. 2002 Administration.  

I have basic knowledge of using FP2003 and setting up FP Ext. 2002, but I am by no means an Expert...

I really need to get this working...Any help would be greatly appreciate.

Can someone give me a high lever set of instructions for setting this up properly?  That way I can also check to make sure what I already have in place it correct.
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here is a step-by-step how to on setting FPSE

This is almost always a problem that is fixed by following those steps very carefully

To find where the problem lies:

1- Create a new simple form with 2 fiels (no javascript ...nothing)
2- Post it to your email and try

If it works then we will have to look at the form itself.  If it does not,  it means that there is a problem with the SMTP setting.
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