2 issues with Exchange: Inetinfo.exe is taking up 80% of CPU & Exchsrvr\mailroot\VS 1\queue is filling up.

We have a Microsoft Windows 2000 Server with Microsoft Exchange 2000 on it and we have emails coming and going from internally and externally that are taking 5 mins to 20mins to come in. Our employees have been complaining about email being slow so we investigated it and found inetinfo.exe taking 80% of the CPU as well the Exchsrvr\Mailroot\VS 1\Queue filling up which never does and very slowly releases the emails. To get things back to "normal" we have been rebooting the server which sometimes works. Our memory usage looks to be at a normal level but the CPU is just getting hit. I know adding a CPU is usually the answer to something like this but have any ideas?
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This is just one out of a series of KB articles:

most of them pointing to install SP4 for exchange server

That the queue will fill up may be a result out of the high processor load. The reboot points me to a memory leak or something else.

But also be aware of virus scanners and other services, which may produce heavy load.

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...and beware of someone using your box for a spam relay.

Links because I feel like it:

Open relay test (free)
   (note - the DNS name will work as will the IP address)

Configuring SMTP Virtual Server Relay Restrictions (IIS 6.0)

Configuring SMTP for Both Authenticated and Anonymous Connections at Microsoft

Sembee's site with GREAT info:

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