Converting Dell Power Edge Servers to 220v power

We are interested in converting our Dell PowerEdge servers to run on 220v power instead of 110v. We've spoken with Dell about this and they say there is no warranty issue with this conversion but they do not seem to be able to provude the appropriate cables needed.

We need to know if there is a vendor that carries the proper cables for this or if we will have to build our own.

Any advice you can give on this will be greatly appreciated.
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Dell actually does have 220v power cables just order power cables for a 6800 or 6850, they use 220v only psu's because they need that much power, also you can get them here
Cables to go from where to where?
check behind the box and see if there are any physical switch that says 110. if have, flip it and most likely its 220.

If not, just get a generic transformer to step it down to 220. make sure the VA is high enough.
i.e. if the box says 110V 5A, then you will need 600VA step down transformer.
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What country are you in?
What kind of plug do you need?
sdsa_gonzoAuthor Commented:
We need power cables to go between UPS and the power supplies on the servers.

We are in the USA.

We have a APC Smart UPS 5000 with 20 amp 220 volt twist lock recepticles. It also has one 30 amp 220 volt twist lock recepticle as well.

I will check into the power cables for the 6800/6850 servers.
3 pin or 4 pin twist-lock??
sdsa_gonzoAuthor Commented:
3 pin. NEMA type L6-20R and L6-30R are both available on the UPS.
If I'm not mistaken you need.........

A "NEMA L6-20P" at the APC end.
And a "IEC-320 C13" on the computer end.

APC has one. The Part Number is shown here as 40178-6

I honestly think it would be much easier and MUCH less expensive to hire an electrician to change out the plugs on your existing cables than to buy factory Dell cables. Just make sure the isulation is rated for 220 volts. It's usually printed in the insulation just very hard to read.
Just an FYI:
More volts = more insulation needed.
More amps = larger conductor needed.
As you are providing the same amount of 'power' (watts) as your volts goes up the amps will go down.
~ So the wire size should be okay, check the insulation (voltage spec).
The "R" on the last part of your NEMA designation stands for "Receptacle".
You need the "Plug",, hense the "P"....
This place has a 6 foot and a 10 foot.
Also a 10 foot splitter version with two IEC-320 C13's at the computer end.

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sdsa_gonzoAuthor Commented:
thanks PCBONEZ.  this gives a lot of good info.
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