UserControl (System.Windows.Forms) Question

I am having a very odd problem adding a .resx file to a UserControl.

The user control is part of a Module (basically a class library) inside a Composite UI Application Block application. For some reason, I can't add a .resx file. I clicked on the folder which contains my UserControl and chose =>Add =>New Item=> ResourceFile. I gave my resource file the same name as the user control.

When it is added, it's not showing where I expected it would in the project hierarchy. It shows up directly under the UserControl, and the designer file, which previously occupied that space, is now under the newly-added .resx file. Not only that, but I get a warning message every time I try to edit it.

Am I missing something really obvious here? I can't find any reference to this problem in VS 2005 help, or on the net.

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Why don't you delete the user control.. create a new one with the same name , when it properly creates all parts (designer and .resx files), replace them with what you had previoulsly... not the best way, but it should fix the problem, i think..
marmaxxAuthor Commented:
That's the odd thing here.... It's not creating the .resx file when I create the user control (just the designer). That was the first thing I tried.

I can't figure out why this is happening.

Thanks for the feedback.
I'm not sure how to help you on this since I haven't had that problem so far. Hope someone else put some comments in here..

I noticed that you are doing some work on Composite appln block.. i'm not sure if you can answer one of the questions i posted ... helper asking for help :)
marmaxxAuthor Commented:
Thanks prajeebkumar!

Your answer put me on the right track. My issue had to do with a 'quirk' in VS2005, which I couldn't have discovered without you putting me on the right track. Thanks to everyone else as well for the feedback, it's appreciated.

Sorry about the delay in responidng. certain matters arose in my personal life which required my immediate attention, hence, my absense from the forum.
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