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Does anyone know how to change the Environment Username in Windows 2000, I am trying to set it but it wont work

I used

set MyEnvironUsername = Newname
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if you go to a cmd window and enter

set MyEnvironUsername=GeorgeBush
echo %MyEnvironUsername%

You will see that it is changed.  However, you need to understand that every window has it's private copy of the environment.  So, that change will not apply to any other windows and will disappear as soon as that cmd window goes away.

To change the environment globally, you need to go to use the environment settings.  Those settings are stored in the registry and are propogated to windows as they are opened.   I don't remember exactly how in win2000, but My Computer,  Properties or the System Control Panel should have a dialog for changing the master copy of the environment.

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Leigh PurvisDatabase DeveloperCommented:
Continuing on from dqmq's comments - you could perhaps use the SetEnvironmentVariable API function - to set it for the current thread.
Private Declare Function SetEnvironmentVariable Lib "kernel32" Alias "SetEnvironmentVariableA" (ByVal lpName As String, ByVal lpValue As String) As Long

Windows launched by that instance of your application will take the setting.
If you want it elsewhere - you'd have to use other API's to try to propagate it.

(Or indeed as mentioned - look to set them permanently)
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