nice, blurry drop shadow on Text in Flash 7 ?

What is the best way to do drop shadows on live text in Flash 7?

I know about having one (or more) copies of the text in additional mc's offset one or two pixels, etc.

Are there any other ways?

It would be nice to have blurry Flash-8-looking text (live text at runtime) in Flash 7...

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Dushan De SilvaTechnology ArchitectCommented:
Hi Donelson,
You can use following 3rd party tools to create such effects. Then you can export as swf file. Then you can import those swf files to flash.

swish          -->
flex             -->
swishmax    -->
swift3D       -->

BR Dushan
DonelsonAuthor Commented:

Thanks for the references, but I could not find any of those that did a simple, static, blurry drop shadow. They are all Overkill Animated Fancy Effects.

And, no way do I wish to pay so much for just ONE static drop-shadow effect !

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Dushan De SilvaTechnology ArchitectCommented:
I think you can easily ceate drop shadow effect with simple two text boxes.

BR Dushan
DonelsonAuthor Commented:

Yes, in my question, I say I know I can use two normal text boxes.  What I want is a nice Blurry effect, LIKE Flash 8, but in Flash 7.

Your quite correct to say that this is simple in flash 8.  Unfortunatly in flash 7 the freature is just absent.  And theres no nice way to do it.

The only way that really looks good is to use a bitmap which is blurred in photshop -  but the of course you dont get the ability to change the text.

I tried a mthod before that used multiple copys of the text at various offsets and alphas but the effects was not great.

Have you considered just using flash 8 for this.  With a suitable flash detection script before your movie - you could ensure all your users have the correct version of the player (and quite a lot of people do have player 8 now allready)
DonelsonAuthor Commented:
According to Macromedia / Adobe --

Flash Player penetration as of Dec 2005
Which:      v6            v7            v8
US            97.1%      93.5%      45.2%
Canada      98.4%      95.8%      56.0%
Europe      98.4%      94.9%      55.1%

So, v8 was only around 50%. Even being generous, and claiming Now to be 75%, that's not a good enough penetration for us to use v8 features...

I could have TWO versions of the title SWF, and load the version that fits the visitor's player...  But it would be nicer to find a hack or a 3rd party extension which would do it nicely for Both v7 and v8

MontoyaProcess Improvement MgrCommented:
Ok this is the closest i can get - its *not* as nice as flash 8 - but basicaly we combine a few layers of duplication with reduced alpha.  

To get it to run - adda font to your lib called "myfont" with linkage "myfont"  (its an ugly hack but its just proof of concept)

function createText(lvl){
      var h:MovieClip;
      h= createEmptyMovieClip("myholder",lvl);
      if (lvl != 5)
            h._alpha = (lvl *2) * 10;

      h.createTextField("my_txt", 1, 100-lvl, 100-lvl, 300, 100);

      h.my_txt.embedFonts = true;
      h.my_txt.multiline = true;
      h.my_txt.wordWrap = true;
      var my_fmt:TextFormat = new TextFormat();
      my_fmt.font = "myfont";
      my_fmt.color = 0x0;
      h.my_txt.text = "Test blur";

DonelsonAuthor Commented:
Thanks, guys, but I am ahead of what you suggest; already using three layers with various color/transparency.

I was hoping for a 3rd party hack to produce a blurry effect ( in Flash 7).

I don't need animation, spinning, bouncing, etc, just a blurred effect on the text.

DonelsonAuthor Commented:
Well, if any of you are interested, I have done the following (a bit of overkill)

I am using: The Title itself, a "halo" copy of the title, and three drop shadow copies (transparent).

The offset of the halo & drop shadows is dependent upon the (overall) Title MovieClip's scale --

The "halo" is a white, 90% alpha, down & right from the main title --
      halo._x = 0.5/titleScale; // down & right
      halo._y = 0.9/titleScale;

Drop shadow #1 is to the right & down a bit
      dropShadowR._x = 1.0/titleScale; // grayish down & right a little
      dropShadowR._y = 2.0/titleScale;

Drop Shadow #2 is down & right a bit
      dropShadowD._x = 1.4/titleScale; // grayish: right & down a little
      dropShadowD._y = 1.1/titleScale;

Drop Shadow #3 is down & right
      dropShadowDR._x = 1.8/titleScale; // grayish: right & down more
      dropShadowDR._y = 1.6/titleScale;

For transparency I use 100% alpha for the Title and the white Halo, and 15% for each of the three drop shadows.

This looks great on the Macintosh, and okay on the PC (sigh).

( I also note that the same highly compressed Jpegs I am using look great on the Mac, but poor on the PC -- come on Bill, catch up ! )
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