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I am using Windows SBS 2003, with Windows XP Pro SP2 clients with Outlook 2003. We do not want to use Exchange as a primary source to receive our email. We are going to stick with the Personal Folders for now. However, we still would like to be able to share calendars. But, whenever we set our email to deliver to a personal folder, we lose the ability to share folders. How can we use personal folders but share calendars at the same time?
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You cant, not without third party applications.

Exchange will do the trick for you, but there are other soloutions out there.

However, what is the reason for not using Exchange in this case? You have all the licenses and the stuff needed.

Older versions of Outlook used to have a feature called netfolders which allowed sharing of folders without Exchange. That was dropped in Outlook 2002. Third parties have stepped in to provide an alternative, but why bother when you have Exchange?

Ten90GroupAuthor Commented:
So, here's the deal. For security reasons, we don't want any emails copying from our computers back to the server. So far as I have read, Exchange automatically copies e-mails from the Exchange folder onto the server, and I can't find where to disable that. We don't want the POP3 emails loading onto the Exchange server, because then we would have to VPN in to the network when we are away to get our email. We don't have the ability to VPN at this time. We just want the POP3 settings for our e-mail to reside on each user's computer.

Also, when I ran the http://servername/Connect/Computer wizard, all of our e-mail got moved to a new folder called Personal Folder. Tranfering the e-mails to the Exchange folder is simple, but I cannot find a way to transfer all of the rules set in place to reflect that change (some of us have a lot of rules). And, if I do transfer the email to the exchange folder, there is still the question of how to stop the server from downloading those files.
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"For security reasons...."
Personally I would rather have my corporate emails stored on my own server. I feel that this would be more secure than being stored on an ISP's server. Do you know how many people have access to your emails at the ISP?

"read, Exchange automatically copies e-mails from the Exchange folder onto the server, and I can't find where to disable that. We don't want the POP3 emails loading onto the Exchange server, because then we would have to VPN in to the network when we are away to get our email."
Email can be accessed from outside of the network by multiple methods.
RPC over HTTP can be used. The users will use Outlook to access their emails.
OWA is another method. OWA in Exchange 2003 is a great improvement over earlier versions.

Just my 2 cents worth. Obviously I don't know all the politics involved in your decision.
Ten90GroupAuthor Commented:
We do not have a static IP address at this time, so how would we be able to connect to our server remotely? Also, how is it possible to convert rules from the personal folders to the exchange folders without going in and changing every single rule?
Lack of a static IP address is very easy to get around. You don't use the IP address for anything - but a DNS entry. Then use a dynamic DNS service to maintain that name. My home Exchange server is on a dynamic IP address and that is what I do and it runs fine. I have my email coming in directly through SMTP - no POP3 connectors involved.

Many of the rules will import quite happily, it does depend what the rules do though. The only other problem you might get with rules is the limit. Rules that use an Exchange server have a limit of 32k. No workarounds, and it cannot be increased. Therefore if you have a lot of rules those may have to be reviewed and tightened up - many rules are duplicates of other rules with a single item different.

Ten90GroupAuthor Commented:
OK, so now the question is this: I will set my POP3 email to download directly to the computer (that decision was made higher up the ladder than me) and it will go into the exchange server folder within outlook. How do I then stop that email from being sent back to the server?
The only way you could do that would be via two Outlook profiles.
If you configure Outlook to connect to an Exchange server, then the email is stored in the mailbox. Each Outlook profile can only have one storage location.


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