Anyone know anything about event id: 36881 source: schannel?

I am receiving this on an exchange 2003 frontend server. But I don't think this is contributing to the problem.

The text of the entry from the system log is:
THe certificate received from the remote server has expired. The SSL connection request has failed. Tha attached data contains the server certificate.

It doesn't seem apparent to me what issues are arising because of this because all necessary operations are continuing at least so far.

Ima SelcoAsked:
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Do you use certificate services? Essentially as the description says the exchange server has received a certificate from the remote server but the actual certificate has expired. This page
tells you a bit more about it. You should probably look at the attached certificate to see wha the actual content is.
Ima SelcoAuthor Commented:
I forgot to mention that the frontend server is in a segment outside of our internal network and behind our firewall. The message is referring to the domain controller it communicates with.
The frontend server is running w2k3 and the dc is w2k using ad
Ima SelcoAuthor Commented:
We don't use cert services but I discovered that another administrator had installed the services to run on this DC.

My FE server isn't using these services from what I see on it.

We do have a cert for our OWA installed to this server.

I checked the cert on the DC and it isn't expired and neither is the cert I use for OWA.

It doesn't appear to be affecting any production stuff other than being an error logged into the system log.

Do I need to reconfigure something on the DC because I don't see anything in the revocation list?

Not sure on the revocation list question - I wouldn't put myself forward as an expert in certificate services :< You could ask this as another question if you have enough points?
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