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Is it possible to display records in a Form - 1 record per line so that the user clicks on one of the records and an underlying screen pop ups with more detail. The user would need to be either navigate up or down the tabular detail with a command bar across the screen or directly click on the record to activate the subform. I have seen the Selector Add In which partially does this, but it does not allow for fields within the records to be formatted differently (different colours etc) which I also need. I also need the ability to have a command button displayed along each record down the page which would invoke more functionality for that particular record.
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Use a form in continuous forms view.  You can set the default view to continuous forms by opening your form in design view, opening the croperties window, and setting the default view (under the format tab).   You can select different colors for the controls either through the controls property sheet.  You can also use conditional formatting (select a textbox or other control in design view and go to format -> conditional formatting).  This wil allow you to set text or background color if certain conditions are met.

To open the other form, you can use a command button, like you said, or the double click event (or another event) of a text box,etc with the following VBA:

garryvAuthor Commented:
Thanks for this.

Is there a way to make this more consistent with how this functionality works in other applications like having a highlighted command bar that is displayed right across all fields in the record. The user can up and down arrow the bar and either click or hit enter to open the underlying form.

Further to this is changing the mouse pointer to indicate that a click is possible over the line. Just using the on click event doesn't present the user with this.
Leigh PurvisDatabase DeveloperCommented:
Or indeed - it sounds like the Current event in the continuous form (or datasheet if you preferred) would be appropriate - responding to navigation or row clicking.

Not entirely sure what you mean by "having a highlighted command bar that is displayed right across all fields in the record".
It sounds like a selected record in a listbox.
But then you'd lose all your formatting options (and a host of events).
You could try simulating that - but it would have to be a datasheet rather than a continuous form and using a line of code like

DoCmd.RunCommand acCmdSelectRecord

(But then in a datasheet you'd lose your command button on each row... but a single command button outside of the form used as a subform would work)

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