Inspiron8500/NEC ND-5100A DVD+RW Won't Read Data DVD

I have a Dell Inspiron 8500, running WinXP Pro (SP2), with a NEC DVD+RW ND-5100A drive, purchased in Aug 2003.  I have never tried to burn a data DVD+R on this laptop (LT) until now.  I have played video DVDs and read and written CDs. I recently burned some jpg files to a DVD using Roxio Easy Media Crreator 7.0 on the LT.  I put it in my desktop (DT) and was able to display the pictures with no problem.  I put the DVD back into the LT and couldn't read it.  I burned a DVD on the DT, and it couldn't be read on the LT.  I retried a movie and that worked fine. When I insert the DVD into the LT, it just sits there and whirs. After a while I may be able to examine the contents in the DVD (everything happens VERY slowly); if I try to copy a file off, I get the error msg: Cannot copy "filename"; Data error (cyclic redundancy check).

I flashed the DVD firmware to: latest update 10FE at...
This made no difference.  I tried using different combinations of the options in Roxio; nothing worked.

To summarize:  DVD reads and writes CDs
                   DVD reads video DVD disk
                   DVD writes data DVD+R disk (readable on my DT)
                   DVD won't read data DVD+R disk written on either my LT or DT
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Irwin SantosComputer Integration SpecialistCommented:
how about clean the drive with a cleaning kit?

we can't rule out the the drive may have failed.

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have you tried slowing down the burn speed on the LT?  does the LT read DVD's burnt from the DT?  have you tried a different brand of blanks on the LT?

again, can't rule out the fact that the drive may have failed.

Open regedit and in the following keys delete the upper and lower filters, like is explained below:


Right click in the upper and lower filter entries in these keys and press delete. Reboot and check if it is OK now.
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gleasonllAuthor Commented:
irwinpks -- the drive has been cleaned.

cashcomp -- I tried using the lowest burn speed on LT; no difference.
                  No, the LT won't read DVD's burnt on the DT.

rindi -- there is no  ...\class\...  key, just  ...\Class\...

          question(s): should I delete the upper.bak & lower.bak, also
                            should I delete "upper" & "lower" in all  ...10318 keys
                                     Disk drives
                                     Mice & other pointing devices
                                     Floppy disk drives

You should try to flash it with NEC firmware (not DELL).
It helped me with some burning and reading  problems with NEC and Sony drives installed in DELL notebook comps. But sometimes I had to replace drives.
Also clean the drive with cd cleaner.

Customer brought me some problematic ND-5100A from Inspiron 8500 hour ago with similar problems. I-ll flash it,open it  and test it and let you know results.

There was also some win problem with some burners/ samsung maybe. It wouldnt  read CD or DVD, but if You restarted it with media in drive, reading was perfect.

gleasonllAuthor Commented:
GGJJ -- I couldn't find a firmware update on the NEC site for the
ND-5100A.  In fact, a search of their site for "5100A" produces nothing.  There is info on a "5100", but no firmware info.
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gleasonllAuthor Commented:
tim_qui  -- the AutoPlay Repair Wizard didn't find anything wrong.

I actually flashed with firmware from  which is not official
so It's up to You to decide if you want to flash it.
I must warn You that there is a possibility to damage burner, I flashed one drive death.
But I also flashed many drives succesfully.
You can try running the download from the following link, it should remove the upper and lower filters automatically. Reboot after it is done.
gleasonllAuthor Commented:
I spent 2hrs on the phone with a Dell tech, yesterday.  He concluded that the problem was hardware, and put a new drive in the mail.  I just received it this morning and it works fine.  Thank you all for your efforts; I split the points between all 5 who tried to assist me.
gleasonllAuthor Commented:
By the way, the new drive replacement was a Nec ND-6650A.
Irwin SantosComputer Integration SpecialistCommented:
cool. thank you!
gleasonll THX,
You got a much better writer now
It supports everything (+ and -, DL) but DVD-RAM
5100A was only + single layer.
You are lucky Dell has no more 5100a on stock.

thanks for the points - glad to try - at least the problem was resolved.

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