Splitting DSL connection


hope you can help me with this one. i have a dsl connection which i want to share with 3 computers. i already have a router for this. what i want to know is how would the configuration be.

when connected to the desktop alone:

subnet mask:

what ipaddress should i configure to the router?

what ipaddress for my desktops?
subnet and gateway?

i called the isp for this one but they don't like to give me the information. they want me to upgrade my plan.
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If your PC alone gets this address dynamically, it's probably getting it from the modem which is acting as a router sort of.  Some of them will do DHCP services and NAT.  You would need to change your modem (by connecting to the address with a browser) to BRIDGE MODE which will "pass through" the modem and give an address to the router instead.

So, you router would then have a WAN address from your ISP, and an inside NATted network - say  It will probably assign it's own "inside address" as  Then, the DHCP scope will take over and assign your PC's addresses like, .51, .52 and so on.  Their mask would be and their default gateway would be

In case I have it all wrong, if you wanted to simply duplicate the 10 network to your router, it would be like this:
ip address

the pc's on this network could start with any number after .1
pc1 mask gateway
pc2 mask gateway
pc3 mask gateway

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Since this is a small network. you dont need to have a subnet mask - this will allow growth for 16 millions hosts. YOU CAN have this though it wont affect your performance....

ok with that said... you can statically assign all adapters, which is a little more work, but this way you KNOW which IPS are at which computers- this can be handy in time with some programs/things you want to do.

an easy setup would be like Pseudocyber said.. I would make the router

pc1 mask gateway
pc2 mask gateway
pc3 mask gateway

that way you easily can remember .1 is pc 1, etc...

to add to Pseuodcybers suggestion for setting the modem.. this would have to be done if the modem is also a router.. some are not routers, and are by default set to bridge. if the modem didnt come with a router, it could be a dual function modem/router.. which case you will need to set it to bridge. ((is your connection PPPOE or standard DHCP? if it is pppoe you have to configure id/pw to get an ip.))

I didnt add the dhcp option which you dont have to really configure anything anything on any PCs.. just make sure all devices are set to dhcp and it will work.
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JimboyAuthor Commented:
tnx for your comments. will try your suggestions and update you guys with the result. sorry for the delayed response.
JimboyAuthor Commented:
hi pseudocyber & Craig_200X!

the modem used is Speed Stream 5100 and the router used is Netgear MR814v2.
ive tried to configure the id/pw to the netgear router but still no connection to the internet.
what do you think shoud i add to the configuration of the Speed Stream 5100? btw the connection is PPPOe. how do i set this Speed Stream to bridge mode?

hope you can bear with me guys! tnx
You would put the modem in bridge mode, and then configure the username and password on a router.
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