watchgaurd timing out yahoo google email attachments

   My users are complaining that they can't attach email documents to there emails through yahoo, google and so on. When the user trys to attach a document to an email it just keeps trying to attach it untill finally it times out mins. later.
Where would I look on the firewall to solve this issue im running a xcore 700 with the latest firmware and watchgaurd firewall system manager (8.2 or .3).
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traffic monitor on the firewall.  Are your users using a filtered HTTP rule or Proxied-HTTP rule.  If the latter, then it is likely that a specific content type or pattern path is being blocked.

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How do you have HTTP configured right now? hstiles mentioned what you should look for and where.
How big is the your Internet pipe? Just make sure that they aren't timing out for large attachments over a low speed connection.

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FubyouAuthor Commented:
6 meg
wow you read the question this time, bonus
A sarcastic response to rsivanandan but no update won't get this problem fixed any quicker.
FubyouAuthor Commented:
true, i apologize

I found that http proxy was blocking them from uploading files (attachments) to their email. So I temporarily disabled the policy until the end of the term. Maybe I need to put a pix in there or spend a few grand on training for myself.
set the proxy to log auditing and accounting info and set the firebox to log all outgoing packets not handled and spend a bit of time watching the traffic monitor.  You'll soon build up a picture of the kind of content that is being blocked.  You may wish to allow some of this, but you may also be well off restricting quite a lot to minimise risks to your network.

Do you want your users downloading .exe or .vbs files via HTTP for example.
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