Best Site Submission Sites?

Have spent many days/weeks submitting links to google, dmoz, altavista, and others - usually, the links I submit are ignored (e.g. dmoz has never indexed my sites, after more than a year - these people are useless).

Have used just about every automatic search engine submission site I can find, and they submit mostly to useless sites that have no impact.  Have also submitted sites to MSN and Craig, you name it, I think I have tried it.  I have also tried the "rating engines" like, this doesnt help get listed either.

Am looking for sites to sumbit a website to that will actually produce results with google, etc., not just do nothing, like dmoz.  Any ideas gratefully appreciated, remember, they must produce results in 2-3 weeks that are picked up by google and the other big ones as a relevant backlink.  I can always up points for really good tips to good leads I dont know about.

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soometimes, it does not need a big guy to get your site rank well in google. What I did was to find a starter directory with no initial PR. This does not mean the next PR update, these sites will not get UPdate. Most dictory I submitted to is now PR4 and PR5. and this brings my site to PR5 for few of my sites just submiting to these sites alone.

So where to find those site:, I always find it at DP:

Hope that helps.
scrathcyboyAuthor Commented:
That is an interesting link to a series of sites.  Do most of them expect a reciprocal listing on your site?  If so, do you put it in, do you hide the link?  What if you dont put a reciprocal link on your site?  
Don't think that Google is ignorant to these directories.  If G thinks a directory is spammy, they'll just prevent it from passing page rank, or worse, ban it.   Directories accepting automated submissions are often by their very nature spammy.

The way we do it is by hand using a page of submit links and roboform to save typing.  Hope not to spoil a party, but there are no automated tools that will provide good quality submission.  The page of links is sorted by importance in a spreadsheet.  As we do submissions, we put the date in the column for that client.  

A PR5 directory that doesn't pass page rank equity is worthless.
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Here is a list of directories to submit your site to along with the PR. Does not include the latest PR update. 5 4 3 6 5 4 5 3 4 4 4 4 4 6 0 4 0 0 4 5 5 2 5 3 4 6 3 4 4 6 6 5 4 5 5 4 2 2 0 0 2 3 2 2 3 0 3 4 9 4 2 2 3 2 2 2 0 3 4 4 2 4 3 4 4 5 6 5 4 5 3 1 5 2 5 6 2 5 4 5 2 6 4 5 5 2 5 5 5 6 4 3 0 2 3 3 5 5 0 4 4 4 4 3 5 5 4 3 4 4 4 5 0 5 3 4 5 5 3 9 5 3 1 5 3 3 3 4 5 4 6 5 4 3 5 0 6 6 5 2 2 5 4 6 5 5 0 7 5 6 4 5 5 5 5 3 2 4 3

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scrathcyboyAuthor Commented:
site creations -- that is also my prejudice, I have been very leery of sites that "sell" backlinks (for free!).  I have always kept away from posting links to other sites on mine, in the hope you might get something out of it - often, they are the only ones getting benefit out of it, this is my suspicion, for better or worse.

ashishjvw -- that is an amazing list of places I did not know about.  Thank you for posting it.
Nice list ashishjvw,

Also to note, when you decide to add your URL to any other site, you might want to first check if that site has a good listing in Google and not just the site, but also it's category directories and sub-categories.

A lot of link sites might stand-out with their main domain name in PR value, and have lots of backlinks themselves (often required reciprocal linking), but they fall short and often not even listed for their various category or sub-category URLs.  You need to check them all out.

Lastly, adding your domain name to a bunch of link sites really isn't going to help your site to direct users to your site unless that link site is entirely already listed by the major search engines.  

Moreover, users are not searching for you based on your website domain name, but rather on specific keywords and keyword phrases that ring a bell at the major search engines who have direct indexed ties back to those link sites that you add your domain name to.

So find appropriate link directories that already have strong ties with the major engines and are "fully" indexed and find a category that is relevant to your website content and overall theme.

Here's a good site to check Google rankings.

Good Luck!


scrathcyboyAuthor Commented:
"So find appropriate link directories that already have strong ties with the major engines and are "fully" indexed and find a category that is relevant to your website content and overall theme."

Yes, that is what I asked you indexing specialists to suggest - sites that did this.
I think the list of *ashishjvw* takes the cake for this question, dont you?
scrathcyboyAuthor Commented:
ASHISH -- thank you for a remarkable list, as promised, I upped points for outstanding answer.

This is not to slight other contributors, who gave helpful comments, I will be asking more detailed questions in future, so will distribute points around then.  But in this case, Ashishs answer was just what I was looking for, for now.  See how it turns out, I will be back.  Thank you all for your input.
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